Bear Grylls

Unified view of fitness service

Who are they?

British Military Fitness (BMF) with Bear Grylls is Europe's largest outdoor fitness company. This fast growing business operates in over 100 locations, training 30,000 people annually. Their unique military fitness training methodology combined with cutting-edge sports science means they remain at the forefront of result-based fitness training.

Why did they need our help?

As part of their Human Performance line, BMF deliver bespoke wellness programs to both the private and public sector. The operations team wanted to move from subjective to data-driven decision making and realised they needed to track a number of key metrics to do this. However, they were struggling to make sense of the data and analytics produced by the components they used to deliver this service due to the fragmented technology stack that they were using.

How did we help them?

Firstly, we have built a lightweight digital infrastructure to centralise and normalise data from their several different backend systems using sophisticated low code / no code technologies. This is used to consolidate data from multiple sources in to a single source of truth. They now have the capability to track consistent metrics and generate relevant reports on demand. Secondly, due to the new technical architecture and digital infrastructure, we have been able to help with their business process improvement efforts by optimising and automating workflows across the business. This has lowered the cost of delivering the service and increased overall profitability.

What were the results?

The real time data aggregation and dashboards we have built has greatly improved the accuracy of reporting, as well as vastly reducing the time required to compile them. This business now has the capability to meet critical KPIs with end clients across the private and public sector, more importantly improving relationships and helping drive commercial objectives.

Quickly implemented robust solutions to our challenges. The real-time data aggregations and dashboards created greatly improved our ability to achieve our critical KPIs.

Ivan Rowlatt

MD - BMF with Bear Grylls